Goodbye Winter

I am so glad that winter is over.... I do not like the cold. I am so happy to be able to go outside and feel the warmth of the sun on my face. It also gives me the freedom to do more physical activities with family and friends.

Speaking of physical activities i have been back to 'running' in OCRs aka Obstacle Cours Races. I have several coming up and I have completed 2 so far in 2016. I also have a few 5ks thrown in for good measure.

Here is what I am registered for so far...

9   Savage Race Spring ~10am start time
16 Glow it Blue 1k/5k 8:30pm
23 Dirty Girl Mud 10am start time

21 Paint Wars 

11 Terrain Race. 10am 10k

6 Udder Mud Run http://www.uddermudrun.com/  Covington, GA 
20 Rugged Maniac 10:30 wave. Timed

Here are the Facebook links to the ones I have completed this far.

01/24 Hot Chocolate 15k. 2:25
02/28 Atlanta Mission 5k 58minutes
03/06 Spartan Sprint 3:15 6 miles
03/13 5k in Paradise  6 miles about 55min

03/19 Muddy Brute in Tallapoosa, GA

I am working on making 2016 a great year as every year I am alive is truly a blessing and I want to know that I have made good use of my time on this earth.  Life is too short to settle for less than wha you really want. I plan to blog more and share whats goin' on with me. I welcome comments and feedback.

take care and God bless.


Spartan Sprint 2016

     Well I haven't posted in awhile, but I had to post about my 1st OCR of the 2016 year. It was the Spartan Sprint. It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Conyers, Georgia. I has been very reluctant and nervous about this race. Although I am fitter than I have been in years and have been off and on working out... I just couldn't get excited about the race.

     Part of my ambivalence was the fact that I was not 'racing' with my usual friend Jackie or anyone that I really knew. I had one new friend Bianca who is older and super fun who was racing on the same day as me. So i get there super early and have hubby and the kids drop me off at the site. I wondered around...took a few pics and then I went over to the GORMR(Georgia Obstacles Runners and Mud Runners) tent and tried to be chill. Eventually Bianca arrived and then I felt better. I also made a new friend, Patricia, who is around my age and fun as well.   They included me and pushed me and we had a blast on the course.


had a blast ... met new people ... and finished strong.

I am Spartan.



Ebb and Flow

The newness of the new year has passed. It is back to life and all of the fun and hecticness it
brings. I have been in my feelings and spending a lot of time going thru th emotions. Doing some stuff but not everything I need to do to get to where I want to get. It is hard to get where I want to be... IT is harder living with regret.

So i faced the fact that I can do more and I need to do more even if I would rather be lazy. I am worth it. And even if I do not get the exact results that I want... I will be better overall than if I had done nothing at all.

So here goes .... me posting my goals for the week. My plan and Lord willing I will follow up with the  success that follow.

I will:

  • Exercise at least 5 of the 7 days this week.
  • Eat dinner at home all weekdays 
  • Wash my face am/pm 7 days
  • Brush/floss am/pm 7 days
  • Log all my food in MFP 7 days
  • Protein over 100 grams 7 days
  • Carbs under 125 grams 7 days
  • Drink at least 64 oz water 7 days
  • Read 3 days this week
  • Blog twice
  • Tidy house 4 days
  • QT with hubby at least 2 days
  • Bedtime before 11pm 3 days 
I know its a lot but these things matter to me. They show me as a balanced person who has her priorities in order. I am going to live on purpose and without excuses.

So if you are my friend... ask me about my goals and my daily to do list. Support me...encourage me.... come along side me ...heck you may even have to push me at times. Please and thank you for being and keeping it 100 with me.


New Year (again)

Always had this weird love hate relationship with the end of the year & the coming of the new year.  I like looking back and seeing all the things that I did and accomplished. There is always some regret attached to the end of the year as well. In addition, there's always a new resolve to be better be stronger be smarter be or do more. This year is no different. I can easily see all the changes in transformations and events of 2015. Yet I could also see the lack in the year of 2015 as well. So again I resolved my mind and begin to think about what I want 2016 to entail.

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