Well...we arrived back from Atlanta with a house & a job offer that could have us moving in like 3 weeks. To say the least ... there is so much to do.



          It has been a week since we got here. I am still unsure about everything. I think the argument between the boys yesterday made me question this move. I want everyone 2 get along & enjoy themselves. Maybe that is too much 2 ask 4 too soon. I know that I only have 1 more year with my oldest child & I want him near me. I hope I am not being selfish. I also know I didn't like how much he was gone from the house when we were back home in Florida. So I am more confused than ever. I wish school was starting because then he would be meeting more people and not be stuck in the house. My husband new kids kinda stick together and I do not like him, my oldest, just sitting around in his room watching Tv all day. I am trying 2 plan activities for the kids & hopefully that will give us more time 2gthr. Maya comes home in a week and I am glad. I  miss her like crazy. I know the time she spends with her dad was good, but I still miss her.

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