Life has its ups &downs. We all come 2 every interaction with our own issues, needs, priorities, etc.      This week was faster than the first full week. I am not sure if it was a better week, though. I just feel real exhausted & my plate is so full. It is really difficult at times & really fun at times. I guess it is unrealistic of me to just expect us to live like the Cosby's or even the Brady bunch.      Having Maya back is good, but challenging. She isn't used to how everything has been goin. Then throw in the rivalry between her &Skyler ; it is a recipe for major stress.  Sometimes when i see how they behave I feel like I have really screwed up as a parent.  I can't do anything about what I did in the past...I can only improve what I am doin now. It isn't easy. I feel the need to pray often...maybe thats the point.    Oh well... gotta run...housework calls... UGH


vent small

Things with me are OK. The baby is fine & i finally have an appt w/ an ob/gyn here in Atlanta. The house is so-so. I have the major rooms pretty much in order.  I am feeling kinda down because with all the kids I haven't had anytime to work on the baby's room. Especially because my youngest DSS is sleeping in there.  guess having all 5 kids is wearing on me more than I thought it would.....especially with me being pregnant. They are here 3 more weeks and then my BIL is coming to stay with us for a month or so. I feel like I can't catch a break. I just want some peace & tranquility and to not feel like a maid, babysitter, and cook. What is most frustrating is that I feel like my DH isn't giving me the attention i need at this point in my pregnancy. I mean how can he when he has 3 kids...2 of which really demand/enjoy his time. I know the kids being here this long means a lot to him, but it is really wearing me down.  Anyway....I just needed 2 vent & thanks for listening.

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