How can...

.....you love someone so much bu not wanna be around them?
....you be treated so well one moment and be treated so poorly the next?
....say you love me but not take my needs as valued as your own...?
...ignore problems when hat does not make them get any better or go away?

I guess it is easy to see that Lamar has managed to get on my nerves again. I wish we could go more than a few days without me gettng upset, disappointed or pissed off at him. I may be pregnant and hormonal but he is till wrong about so much stuff. He has no idea how this taints my feelings for him.

Today I told him that I wanted to start taking 1 morning during the week for myself. He asked as if i wanted to sacrifice or son to wolves. He is being totally unreasonable.



Not much goin on with me. I am doing well. We has an ultrasound on June27th. Tootsie Roll has its legs crossed & so we still do not know what we are having. Ugh. Such is life. My son is still working and getting more & more excited about college.

My DD is away with her dad in Florida.
My 2 step kids are here and then there is '3'. He is wonderful. He is a bundle of both joy & energy. I still can't believe that he is walking already.  Where did the time go. Money is tght on our end and I just try to keep my spirits up. Other than that I am doing ok. 

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