I had a hectic but fun day. Me and my little ones spent a couple of hours at an indoor playpark. Then we had lunch with daddy. Then I got gas. Next I went to target. I sure do love shopping at Target. I like it when days go well. I ws able to do the thngs with both kids It felt like a accomplishment.


Word is bond....

Whatever happen 2 ppl keeping their word...? I work very hard 2 be a woman of my word..because without your word what do you really have? What do you really stand for? I try not to be too hard on people, but I think I am worth keeping my word to. I have decided that I will not continue to extend a hand of friendship after multiple incidences of disrespect. I deserve to be treated the way treat others...plain and simple


Everyday is a new chance to get it right

I doesn't matter what the "it" is, but you can turn things around for yourself at any moment. I weighed myself this a.m.and I was disappointed in myself, but not surprised. I did it to myself.

I can turn things around at any turn. And I will.


i'm a blogger now

Yes.. I have joined the ranks of millions of others. I will blog and see if anyone notices or cares. Today was a good day personally. I got 2 sleep past 9am. Took the kids to Monkey Joes play spot. Dinner was easy. And here I sit.

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