Word is bond....

Whatever happen 2 ppl keeping their word...? I work very hard 2 be a woman of my word..because without your word what do you really have? What do you really stand for? I try not to be too hard on people, but I think I am worth keeping my word to. I have decided that I will not continue to extend a hand of friendship after multiple incidences of disrespect. I deserve to be treated the way treat others...plain and simple


  1. This is an area that I struggle in. I am a people pleaser, so will often agree to something because I think it might make people happy or without fully thinking it through. Then, when I am unable to fulfill my commitment, I feel guilty. I am really trying to do better about this. So, don't be too hard on people like me. We are a work in progress ;)

  2. Thanks fir your comment. Im working on being understanding all while balancing my need to be respected.


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