Tuesday Workout

15 minutes on treadmill
15 minutes on stairmaster . 28 floors...

Totals: 1,836 254 45 104
Your Daily Goal: 1,350 - 1,700 180 - 260 36 - 62 60 - 140
Remaining Today: 0 0 - 6 0 - 17 0 - 36


Empty Vessel....

I used 2 really like the weekends. Especially when I was working outside of the home. I felt like I was getting so much done as I only had the weekend to do most of my stuff. Well.. it is not like that now. I have all week to get my house in order. Now... when the weekend rolls around I do get a little more sleep and more help because dear hubby is home. But I feel really blah on the weekends now because I do not have anything of either fun or importance to do. I think that is why I eat so much...out of boredom. I have got to find more meaning in my weekend. I want more for myself than just cleaning up and sitting in front of the TV. I need a hobby or something. Any ideas.....?


monday = productivity

I exercised this morning before I came downstairs. It is only 9:45am and i have 4 cups of water in my system already. Go me. I also have laundry (way 2 much of it) washing.

Lunch was a banquet meal. Not 2 bad, but not great either. I have 7 cups of water uner my belt and all my laundry is washed. Time is 2:59pm.


Good start

I am making today a great day despite the fact that I weighed myself this a.m. I weighed 218.5# with body fat percentage of 43%. I still can't believe that my body fat is that high. It is going down that for sure. I ate a healthy breakfast eggs, grits, and lean ham. Lunch was a salad with grilled chicken. So I have lotsa chores to do.

It is afternoon now. I had a healthy salad with grilled chicken onit. I also fought the urge to buy a candy bar at the convenience store. I know it seems like a silly thing but it was major to me.



I am looking for a few real, genuine, consistent online friends who can help me lose weight. Help me how you ask..? Well I wanna 'go public' with my battle. I need to have a few eyes on me and I know I will be better at this. I look at how so many of my peers are looking their best and I must admit that I am jealous. I know... I know.. I have had 2 babies in the last 2 years but that excuse is just that... an excuse.
SO what do I need.. Maybe the occasion comment on here. Words of encouragement... the necessary kick in the butt.. So if you feel up 2 the challenge and can spare the time. Please follow my blog because that is where I will be posting my daily successes and challenges. Thanks in advance for your help and support.

It means more to me than you can EVER IMAGINE.

Today before pics... Tomorrow my measurements.


Time management

What does time management mean to you? It is a schedule...? Is it a routine? Does it even matter to you? I am trying to manage my time better. It is a challenge with 3 kids...2 being under 2 years old. I want to feel like at the end of my day that I utilize the time I was blessed with.


Early Spring Cleaning

Let me begin by saying that I love my life, my kids, and especially my hubby. However, my hubby is a pack rat. He holds on to so much paper. So my mission to day is to go through his papers and separate the junk from the paperwork that really matters.

Please do not think that I am a super neat person because I am NOT! You can ask anyone who knows & they will agree. :-) I do make an exception when it comes to important paperwork. I have a folder for all the docs that I would hate to have to replace if my house caught on fire. My hubby needs a folder/binder like mine. Yes, I know we should put them togther but my binder is stuffed. So it is easier to just make him his own.

So wish me luck....


Indoor Playgrounds-A Sanity Saver for Moms

Winter is upon us and to say the least, It's cold outside. Unfortunately, you little ones still need t to run, jump, and play. In your house is not always the ideal spot to let that happen. Being cramped up in the house before you know it your little ones are bouncing off the walls and unto your nerves. What ever shall you do? You need to let them get out all this energy, but not break the bank doing so. Every mom knows that play time for the children is a mini break time. Do not let the chill outside stop your chidren from getting all those wiggles out.
The solution is an indoor play park. What is that you ask? Well it is like a park, but jumpier and indoors. They have 5-10 super sized inflatables. So your child can run, jump, and climb to his hearts content. In addition, most places have a cozy moms corner with free wifi to give you a place to sit and chill while your child plays.
Lucky for you, you live in Atlanta, and they are all over the place if you know where to look and when to go. Monkey Joe's is a popular spot. They are a franchise so you can expect a high quality of service. There is also many smaller spots that will also meet your needs.
Some tips for making our indoor play park experience pleasant. Go on a weekday. The weekends are a madhouse. It is like every kid in town is having their birthday party there. Limit your time there to one to three hours. You know your child well enough to know what they can handle. Be prepared to do a little climbing and bouncing yourself. Its not necessary with older children but some smaller children need you close by the first few times until they feel comfortable.
It is true that being outside is nice, but right now these indoor playgrounds are an exceptional replacement. Check them out for yourself.


The color of Service...

I love living in a neighborhood "of color" for the most part. But I must be honest and say there are some things that drive me crazy. It is like even in our nice, quiet suburb the 'nigga' factor still manages to come out.
What is that? It is the trash you see throw on the side of the rode. This is our neighborhood...why do people have no sense when it comes to littering. It is disrespectful.
Oh yes..can we talk about service..? I just was at the golden archs. The cashier dint even speak when she handed my husband the food. Is it so hard to speak? I mean really. Come on people. I'm not expecting conversation, but a 'Have a nice day.' or " Thank you.". What a pain. It isnt every store or every restaurant. I am tempted to start a buy there not there blog so people don't waste their hard earned money at establishment that treats customers like crap.

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