The color of Service...

I love living in a neighborhood "of color" for the most part. But I must be honest and say there are some things that drive me crazy. It is like even in our nice, quiet suburb the 'nigga' factor still manages to come out.
What is that? It is the trash you see throw on the side of the rode. This is our neighborhood...why do people have no sense when it comes to littering. It is disrespectful.
Oh yes..can we talk about service..? I just was at the golden archs. The cashier dint even speak when she handed my husband the food. Is it so hard to speak? I mean really. Come on people. I'm not expecting conversation, but a 'Have a nice day.' or " Thank you.". What a pain. It isnt every store or every restaurant. I am tempted to start a buy there not there blog so people don't waste their hard earned money at establishment that treats customers like crap.


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  2. Oh my!.lol I'm with you on the above. That cashier at Mcdonalds OBVIOUSLY just don't care. Perhaps she don't "need" her job like that. I dislike rude people and I hate poor customer service. Take your hard earned bucks to a place that is happy you're apart of keeping them in business, and their employees are thankful that you spend your money there so that they can have a job.

  3. Sounds like this rude girl working in the pharmacy at Walgreen's that I have the pleasure of dealing on a pretty normal basis. She has major attitude issues when I go to her window in the drive thru. She took the cake the other day when I went to pick up my prescriptions, she asked my last name with attitude and when I finally got my stuff, she threw it in the window and pushed the window out to me and looked the other way as I reached for my stuff and didn't bother to say a word to me. Not "thank you" or "go to hell" or anything. I pulled away in amazement at the customer service I had just received. This is not the first time with her and it won't be the last I'm sure. I say just smile and kill em with kindness...


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