Feeling better... and productive

We are doing better over here. Hubby and I talked and hopefully things will get better.

I am getting a fire lit underneath me. I really want to make my life the best it can be. I feel really blessed and I want to just maximize that.

I worked out today. I climbed 95 floors on the stairclimber. I am still training for Climb Atlanta. That was over 1500 steps. Yay me. Did you donate or make a pledge for me yet?

I ate pretty healthy and even remembered to log my food in Sparkpeople.

I also spent most of my day working on my 101 in 1001 list. Check it out and tell me what you think.


Boiling over...

I feel so tense... so frustrated like I am going to explode. I feel like I do not want anyone to even talk to me. I wanna eat til my frustration is sub sided but I will not. I am going to eat my bowl of mac-n-cheese and go upstairs. Then I am going to read and take notes in a quiet environment. I tried to tell my hubby I was feeling upset and his response was "About what now?" So I didn't bother to even share.
So I figured I would vent here. Then maybe I will feel a little less like eating. Because right now all I can think about is the big bag of cereal in the pantry and how great it would taste. Maybe one bowl but more than likely two would definitely give me a fix.
Any how, I digress. I feel like my weekends are a big F&*%*g waste of time. They just mean I get to sleep in a little bit later and get to see more of my family. That should be a good thing right. Well lately it has just meant I get to clean up after more people. It is like it is too much to ask people to push in a chair, put their plate in the sink, or put away food after they make themselves something to eat.
My husband gets to spend hours working on his car while I take care of the kids. Then once they get to bed he spends EVERY Saturday night in the garage hanging with his brother. What do I do you ask? I watch TV or browse the internet while I watch TV...ALONE. Sometimes my daughter sits with me but not always. It has been this way pretty much since we moved here in 2007. I pretty much hate Saturday nights as if you can't tell. I know it seems a bit silly...but tell me how do you spend your Saturday night...?
I didn't get to workout today. But I will make it for it 2morrow. I also bought my food for the week and I am hoping I can eat better this week so I can see the scale really make a move. That would help my mood. I am going to take the test to be a personal trainer. I want to get ACSM certified. So i bought the certification guide and a notebook to take notes in. I want to be able to help women like me get in shape.
Anyway... thanks for letting me ramble on. I am going to study now.


Another Lonely Saturday NIght

Well anyone who talks to me know how my Saturday nights go. But its whatever. I have a headache and I think I am goin hit the sack early. I did workout today. I did my shred video and I also did my stairs...12 laps. I have just 3 weeks to get ready for Climb Atlanta.
I ate 2 meals.
Breakfast: 2 eggs omelette with a slice of cheese and a cup of grits
Lunch/Dinner: Stevie Bs Pizza Buffet and diet coke.
My daughter is having a few friends over for her Bday. And lucky for me my older son stayed at the skating rink with her and her friends. So she has had a good weekend. She also had a play this weekend. They were adorable.
I am planning on working out 2morrow.. going to walmart... trying to take some time for myself. Wish me luck... I am going to need it.


Friday Weigh In

So I weighed in at 9am and my weight was 217.6 lbs. So i did lose a lil over a pound. I am ok with that. Yes just OK. Because I have been putting in serious hours at working out. MOre than I usually do. I am still heavier than I was a few months back but I think that was a fluke. I am now more committed to a healthy lifestyle. I know that it is going to take work and I am ready and willing to do the work. My goal for the this week is to eat healthier. I need to come up with an eating plan that is healthy and is one that I can live with.  Advice and tips are welcome.

  • Weight: 217.6# I am down 1.4 lb .
  • 7 # of days i worked out
  • 295 minutes total worked out
  • 2 # days I drank enough water
  • 0 # days I logged my food


Pending weigh in

My weigh in day is 2morrow. I am not looking forward 2 it. I am worried to the point that my tummy hurts a bit. I know my exercise was good, but my eating I am still unclear on. I need a set plan. I hope to get 2 it this weekend. I did avoid some self sabotage so thats a GREAT thing. I did not do the Shred tonight. I am just beat. I will be glad when I can face 2 morrow. It was easier when I wasn't part of a group of people trying to lose weight. I could post my weight loss or weight gain and no one even noticed. No one even cared. But now that I am really on front street.

Well here is my tentative plan...

..........Shred DVD - Level 1/day 6
..........Shred DVD- Level 1/day 7
......... Stationary Bike
......... Shred DVD- Level 1/day 8
..........Circuit Training
......... Treadmill

Where is my food you ask...? Well that is another story/blog. I need to figure of what breakfast & lunch is best for my weight loss. I am thinking salads for lunch with some sort of protein. Any suggestions... I am still not sure how many calories I should take in. Or maybe I am deluding myself. I mean my BMR is around 1700 and I'm breast feeding add 300 calories. So in theory I should be able to take in 2000 and maintain my weight. So how much do I cut my calories if i am exercising 5-6 days a week...? I think the idea of cutting my calories really bothers me. Even worse is that I am mad at myself for caring about being a able to eat like a pig.

Any who its late...I need my rest and I hope the scale agrees with me.

Stair Practice Log

Here is where I will log my practice/training for Climb Atlanta...
What I do I go up and down on my stairs at home repeatedly.
I also do some practice at the gym. I will list that here also.

# laps....date
.....02 03/21 ..................Stairclimber
.....04 ....03/22 ...................03/21---26min---50 floors---800+steps
.....06 ....03/23....................03/26---27min---65 floors--1000+steps
.....08 ....03/24....................03/31---45min---95 floors---1500+steps
.....12 ....03/28 (336 steps up & down) .04/05 ---20min---34 floors---500+steps
.....16 ............................... 04/07---60min---112 floors---1700+steps
.... 20 ................................04/09---30min---72 floors---1150+steps ....
.....24 ....
.....28 .....
.....32 ....
.....36 ....
.....40 ....
.....44 ....
.....48 ....
.....50 ........

Exercise good... Food not so much

I have my working out down now. Especially in the last 2 weeks. But the scale is only moving a 1/2 lb at a time. I am pretty sure its my diet... or lack of self control actually. So I need 2 track what I eat even though I am vehemently opposed to doing so. My train of thought is that if this is a life style change then I need 2 b doing things I can maintain . I cannot see myself logging every bite of food. It is just not realistic for me. I do want 2 gain more self control so I have to find a solution that works for me.

What I am currently trying to pin down is how many calories I should be eating a day...a range. My BMR is 1700 approx. plus I am breastfeeding which requires a minimum of an additional 300 calories or so I have been told. So that puts me at 2000. But if I cut my calroeis by 500 a day in theory I should lose a minimum of 1 lbs a week...not even counting my exercise/workout routine. SO my plan for next week or maybe starting this weekend if I make it to the store is to get my specific foods for breakfast and lunch that will nourish my body without being to calorie heavy so i can save about 700-800 for dinner. SO we shall see how that goes.

Did I mention how sore I am? MY sides hurt & i was getting a lil burnt out. I have done some sort of workout every day since Wednesday of last week. Yes 8 straight days and I am tired. Some days I have an hour and half almost of aerobics and sculpting work. So I only did kickboxing today...no shred. YAY! Interestingly.. I am too sore 2 decide what I am going to do 2morrow at the gym. Weigh in is Friday and I am not looking forward to it. I am going to have hubby start hiding the scale from me except on Fridays. Is does me no good to weigh myself everyday. DUH!

Here is my calendar for this month so far.... thoughts & feedback welcome.


Yo Gabba Gabba... New Episodes..in just 10 days

How much do I love Yo Gabba Gabba. A whole bunch.
  1. Anyone who has been 2 me house during the kids waking hours has watched it.
  2. I can easily relate almost any problem to a Yo Gabba Gabba song as the solution.
  3. I also think everyone should have their very own Dancey Dance.
Anyway... I have seen the 21 episodes I have on TIVO way 2 many times. So it is an understatement to stay that I am excited to know that new episodes begin on April 3rd.
Only 10 more days... I can't wait.


30 Day Shred - Cycle 1

Here is my plan for my 1st 30 days of Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred


Long term cycle plan:(subject to change)
My plan is 5 days on then 1 day off. 1st cycle is to take each level for 10 days. 2nd cycle is to take each level for 5 days. 3rd cycle the level sequence 123, 112233, 111222333, 111122223333. 4th cycle the level sequence will be 122333, 112223, 111233, 123321, 221133.

My 20/20 Challenge Data

My 20/20 Shred Info

Signed up for challenge on 3/22/09.

My plan is 5 days on then 1 day off. 1st cycle is to take each level for 10 days. 2nd cycle is to take each level for 5 days. 3rd cycle the level sequence 123, 112233, 111222333, 111122223333. 4th cycle the level sequence will be 122333, 112223, 111233, 123321, 221133.

My BMR is 1780.

I want to reward myself every 5lbs. I have been wanting to get some polo type shirts. So for every 5lbs I lose I will reward myself with a new polo.

Planning workouts- see link to Shred Cycles. In addition, I will be incorporating additional cardio in the form of stair climbing, walking, cycling, kickboxing, and water classes.

Planning meals- TBA
Measuring & nutritional info- I need a new set of measuring tools plus I meed to get a food scale

Before Pictures- Taken March 1st, 2009. I take them every 4-6 weeks.

Pound for Pound Challenge
Pound For Pound Challenge - I took the pledge to lose weight and help feed those in need - JOIN ME!

I read articles on Sparkpeople on a weekly basis. In addition, I have a subscription to Fitness magazine that I read as well.

Definitely need 2 improve in that area.

Shred Day 4-oh yea

So my DH (dear hubby) played hooky today. So what you say. Well what that means is that my usual Monday routine was shot. I didn'y make it to the gym. I ate out at Ruby Tuesday. I did get some errnads done though. AND I did make a come back in the exercise department. I completed day 4 of the SHRED on level 1. I have changed up my plan. I have been reading online as to what is the best way to work the Shred. I have decided to do the shred stuff at night. Oh well.. i'd type more but ANgelina isnt having it.


SHRED Day 3-Better Late than Never

Well... I had planned to get up EVERY a.m. and do the 30DayShred in addition to whatever else I get to do exercise wise. Well Thursday and Friday were easy... today was another story. I woke up and didn't get to 2 my DVD. Everyone was awake. I am too self conscious to exercise with anyone around. I feel awkward and out of shape.
So I went to the gym. I did manage to train for Climb Atlanta. Yes I am training. My plan is to alternate between climbing the 50 floors on the stairmaster at Level2 or to climb 25 floors as fast as I can manage. My thought is that I need to build up speed and endurance. My goal is to climb the 50 floors in under 30 minutes. I am still not sure how reasonable of a time 30 minutes is yet, but whatever....it is what it is.
I am supposed to weigh in 2morrow and i am not looking forward to it. My eating on the weekends always leaves something to be desired. I did manage to SHRED for day 3 (did it at like midnight)...just like 27 more to go... then some. Hopefully i will get 2 workout 2 morrow/today before the day passes me by.
I also have been trying to tweek out my blogger page and any feedback is welcome. I still have a few things I want to do to make it better , but I definitely like it. Getting tired...will hopefully have good numbers tomorrow.


Day 1 - 30 Day Shred

OMG i am so outta shape. I do not know why this is a new revelation for me. But Doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred pm Level 1 was very humbling. But I got through it. It was a struggle, at times, but i didn't quit. I feel really good about myself.
Now I am not done. I have a swimming class today at 9am. SO I am really doing it today.


New DVD.... New challenge....

Hey there.. I am starting the 30 day shred tomorrow in the a.m. in addition to my gm workouts...
It came in the mail today. I like the logic of splitting up my weight loss in 20lb increments as my way of breaking up the levels. I'm 219 now & i will start with Level 1. I figure at 199# I will move unto level 2 and at 179# I will move unto level 3.

I am very excited. I am really determined to turn m life around permanently this time.

This isn't a diet...this is a lifestyle change....!

The big question is.... How long will it take me 2 lose that 1st 20lbs. ...?


Weekly Weigh In Plus

I have resisted really eating right since I started "trying to lose weight". That really sounds funny as I say it. I mean how can I be serious about losing weight & getting healthy if I don't eat healthier and in moderation? WTH am I thinking?

It sucks shopping while your hungry. I didn't start out hungry but now everything looks delicious AND full of empty calories. Makes me wonder if I can really do this....

  • Weight: 219.6# I am down 0.5 lb .
  • 4 # of days i worked out
  • 155 minutes total worked out
  • 4 # days I drank enough water
  • 2 # days I logged my food

Plans for this week include...

  • daily exercise
  • 8 cups of water
  • logging everything i eat

Well today was a crappy day. I have spent most of it trying to keep a smile on my face. Between my weight & my finances I just feel crappy. I know this too shall pass but not soon enough. I have some tough phone calls to make 2 morrow. I think my cycle must be coming becuase I can't thin of anything that I like about my life right now. Crazy huh.

Upcoming weigh in

As Sunday morning weigh in is just around the corner and I know that I have to weigh myself 2morrow... I start to think back to all the things I shouldn't have eaten. The pizza buffet.. the cookies... a soda here and there. The workouts I did fit in are not gonna be enough to give me positive results.
So I tell myself that this week will be different, but really I wonder if I am just kidding myself. I still want all the bad foods and my desire to eat healthy I think is misplaced. I need to want to eat healthy because I deserve to be in the best physical state possible.. not just to lose weight. I have to stop thinking about this as a diet and look at it as a life-style change. That is the only way I think that this will realy work for me.
I spent a few hours tonight looking and following the blogs of others who have lost weight or are in the process of losing weight. I want to gain insight from their struggle. Maybe I can help someone else one day.


Weekly Weight Loss Overview

Well well well... here are my numbers

# of days I worked out: 4
Weight: 220.2 # I am down 1 lb (18 lbs total since birth of Angelina)
Body fat percentage: 44.8 down 1.9%age points.

(This means 98.56# of my body weight is fat & 119.24# of my body weight is lean muscle and bone.)

So I made some progress. I worked out just 4 days this week. I did however take 2 kick butt exercise classes... A cardio kick boxing class and a spinning class. The classes are really good because I work out for around a hour and their intensity. My plans are to keep doin what I wanted to do last week.

Plans for this week include...
  1. daily exercise
  2. 8 cups of water
  3. logging everything i eat


Things I am looking forward to....

Things that I am looking forward to when i get to my goal weight:
  • buying clothes in single digits sizes
  • swimsuit season
  • not being outta breath after climbing the stairs
  • being more flexible ( for my hubby--- :-)
  • getting to buy a new wardrobe
  • looking a sexy as a I feel
  • knowing that I am healthy and going to live longer


Tuesday Thoughts

I have serious sweet cravings. I wonder why I eat the way that I do. I know that I feel empty but why? My life is full... sometimes a little 2 full. I have put my business out on front street because I do not know if I can have the self control I need 2 w/o some extra accountability.


Weekly Weight Loss Overview

Well I did a great job working out this week. I worked out at least 30 minutes a day Sunday-Friday. That's the good news..

The bad news is.. my eating was not good enough at all. I went to a pizza buffet on Wednesday. Then on Friday I ate fast food for every meal. An Saturday I ate the most delicious and fattening home made french fries.

So my weight this a.m. was 221# with body fat %age of 46.7.
My measurements:
  • waist 42.5
  • hips 52
  • thigh 27
  • bicep 14.75
Plans for this week include...
  1. daily exercise
  2. 8 cups of water
  3. logging everything i eat

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