Another Lonely Saturday NIght

Well anyone who talks to me know how my Saturday nights go. But its whatever. I have a headache and I think I am goin hit the sack early. I did workout today. I did my shred video and I also did my stairs...12 laps. I have just 3 weeks to get ready for Climb Atlanta.
I ate 2 meals.
Breakfast: 2 eggs omelette with a slice of cheese and a cup of grits
Lunch/Dinner: Stevie Bs Pizza Buffet and diet coke.
My daughter is having a few friends over for her Bday. And lucky for me my older son stayed at the skating rink with her and her friends. So she has had a good weekend. She also had a play this weekend. They were adorable.
I am planning on working out 2morrow.. going to walmart... trying to take some time for myself. Wish me luck... I am going to need it.


  1. My Saturday nights are the same too :(

    But hey, at least we both did a Jillian video!

  2. That Climb Atlanta thing looks awesome. Very challenging, but a great workout for a great cause. Good luck! You're going to do great - especially after doing that Shred video. I'm impressed!

  3. Next Saturday night will be better. I guarantee it!


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