Day 1 - 30 Day Shred

OMG i am so outta shape. I do not know why this is a new revelation for me. But Doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred pm Level 1 was very humbling. But I got through it. It was a struggle, at times, but i didn't quit. I feel really good about myself.
Now I am not done. I have a swimming class today at 9am. SO I am really doing it today.


  1. The worst part of the workout for me is those damn bicycle situp things in the last ab circuit. I'm just not coordinated enough to do them, so I end up getting frustrated, which compounds with my already sore abs to make me hate that exercise!

  2. i hate those and the stupid jumping jacks.

  3. Do it Stormy! I'm cheering you on!

  4. You can do it! The first day is the toughest. I hate those stupid pushups! I'm dying every single time I do it!

    Hang in there!


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