My 20/20 Challenge Data

My 20/20 Shred Info

Signed up for challenge on 3/22/09.

My plan is 5 days on then 1 day off. 1st cycle is to take each level for 10 days. 2nd cycle is to take each level for 5 days. 3rd cycle the level sequence 123, 112233, 111222333, 111122223333. 4th cycle the level sequence will be 122333, 112223, 111233, 123321, 221133.

My BMR is 1780.

I want to reward myself every 5lbs. I have been wanting to get some polo type shirts. So for every 5lbs I lose I will reward myself with a new polo.

Planning workouts- see link to Shred Cycles. In addition, I will be incorporating additional cardio in the form of stair climbing, walking, cycling, kickboxing, and water classes.

Planning meals- TBA
Measuring & nutritional info- I need a new set of measuring tools plus I meed to get a food scale

Before Pictures- Taken March 1st, 2009. I take them every 4-6 weeks.

Pound for Pound Challenge
Pound For Pound Challenge - I took the pledge to lose weight and help feed those in need - JOIN ME!

I read articles on Sparkpeople on a weekly basis. In addition, I have a subscription to Fitness magazine that I read as well.

Definitely need 2 improve in that area.

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