New DVD.... New challenge....

Hey there.. I am starting the 30 day shred tomorrow in the a.m. in addition to my gm workouts...
It came in the mail today. I like the logic of splitting up my weight loss in 20lb increments as my way of breaking up the levels. I'm 219 now & i will start with Level 1. I figure at 199# I will move unto level 2 and at 179# I will move unto level 3.

I am very excited. I am really determined to turn m life around permanently this time.

This isn't a diet...this is a lifestyle change....!

The big question is.... How long will it take me 2 lose that 1st 20lbs. ...?


  1. Don't worry about how long it'll take - stay true to your nutrition and Jillian's DVD and it'll be good news no matter what!

    You'll love Jillian's 30 Day Shred! Good luck!

  2. I purchased 30 Day Shred and it should be here tomorrow. I've been meaning to just get it on Netflix, but I've given up on that plan. My hope is that it'll help me break this stupid weight stagnation thing I've got going on.

  3. Awesome...Keep me posted. We can track our pain/weight loss,fun 2gthr....


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