Pending weigh in

My weigh in day is 2morrow. I am not looking forward 2 it. I am worried to the point that my tummy hurts a bit. I know my exercise was good, but my eating I am still unclear on. I need a set plan. I hope to get 2 it this weekend. I did avoid some self sabotage so thats a GREAT thing. I did not do the Shred tonight. I am just beat. I will be glad when I can face 2 morrow. It was easier when I wasn't part of a group of people trying to lose weight. I could post my weight loss or weight gain and no one even noticed. No one even cared. But now that I am really on front street.

Well here is my tentative plan...

..........Shred DVD - Level 1/day 6
..........Shred DVD- Level 1/day 7
......... Stationary Bike
......... Shred DVD- Level 1/day 8
..........Circuit Training
......... Treadmill

Where is my food you ask...? Well that is another story/blog. I need to figure of what breakfast & lunch is best for my weight loss. I am thinking salads for lunch with some sort of protein. Any suggestions... I am still not sure how many calories I should take in. Or maybe I am deluding myself. I mean my BMR is around 1700 and I'm breast feeding add 300 calories. So in theory I should be able to take in 2000 and maintain my weight. So how much do I cut my calories if i am exercising 5-6 days a week...? I think the idea of cutting my calories really bothers me. Even worse is that I am mad at myself for caring about being a able to eat like a pig.

Any who its late...I need my rest and I hope the scale agrees with me.

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  1. Hey!

    Try nowloss.com! That site is awesome and that guy should be paid!

    Also--a dvd that Ive done only twice this week but is already showing serious results is Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones. It an hour long and extremely hard but your body will love you for it!

    You and I are at the same weight range, girl! :)


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