SHRED Day 3-Better Late than Never

Well... I had planned to get up EVERY a.m. and do the 30DayShred in addition to whatever else I get to do exercise wise. Well Thursday and Friday were easy... today was another story. I woke up and didn't get to 2 my DVD. Everyone was awake. I am too self conscious to exercise with anyone around. I feel awkward and out of shape.
So I went to the gym. I did manage to train for Climb Atlanta. Yes I am training. My plan is to alternate between climbing the 50 floors on the stairmaster at Level2 or to climb 25 floors as fast as I can manage. My thought is that I need to build up speed and endurance. My goal is to climb the 50 floors in under 30 minutes. I am still not sure how reasonable of a time 30 minutes is yet, but whatever....it is what it is.
I am supposed to weigh in 2morrow and i am not looking forward to it. My eating on the weekends always leaves something to be desired. I did manage to SHRED for day 3 (did it at like midnight)...just like 27 more to go... then some. Hopefully i will get 2 workout 2 morrow/today before the day passes me by.
I also have been trying to tweek out my blogger page and any feedback is welcome. I still have a few things I want to do to make it better , but I definitely like it. Getting tired...will hopefully have good numbers tomorrow.

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  1. You're on a roll!! Congrats on exercising consistently :-)


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