Shred Day 4-oh yea

So my DH (dear hubby) played hooky today. So what you say. Well what that means is that my usual Monday routine was shot. I didn'y make it to the gym. I ate out at Ruby Tuesday. I did get some errnads done though. AND I did make a come back in the exercise department. I completed day 4 of the SHRED on level 1. I have changed up my plan. I have been reading online as to what is the best way to work the Shred. I have decided to do the shred stuff at night. Oh well.. i'd type more but ANgelina isnt having it.


  1. I did day 3 today but so far it isn't getting any better for me. Is your endurance improving at all? She seems to think that it should happen around the 5th time.

  2. well... i think i am doin a little better. I can finish 3/4 of the cardio in circuit 3. The jumping rope seems to get me. My push ups stink. I can do about 10 non stop in the 1st set and about 5 non-stop the second set. I will be real glad when it starts to get easier. I changed up how im goin do the different levels. read my 20/20 blog and tell me what you think. did you see the ashis fit.blogspot.com 20/20 shred challenge....?


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