Upcoming weigh in

As Sunday morning weigh in is just around the corner and I know that I have to weigh myself 2morrow... I start to think back to all the things I shouldn't have eaten. The pizza buffet.. the cookies... a soda here and there. The workouts I did fit in are not gonna be enough to give me positive results.
So I tell myself that this week will be different, but really I wonder if I am just kidding myself. I still want all the bad foods and my desire to eat healthy I think is misplaced. I need to want to eat healthy because I deserve to be in the best physical state possible.. not just to lose weight. I have to stop thinking about this as a diet and look at it as a life-style change. That is the only way I think that this will realy work for me.
I spent a few hours tonight looking and following the blogs of others who have lost weight or are in the process of losing weight. I want to gain insight from their struggle. Maybe I can help someone else one day.

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  1. Stormy, I have been asking myself the same thing. Do I really want it that bad? I mean, I WANT it, but do I want it more than I want the brownies and other yummy things that I eat.
    Hang in there!


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