Climb Atlanta

Well I did it. I completed Climb Atlanta for the American Lung Association. My original goal was to climb the 50 floors / 1150 steps in under 30 minutes. Then... I started training and practicing on the stair climber. I adjusted my tune... just hoping I could finish in under an hour.

It was a beautiful day. My hubby made me a big healthy breakfast of eggs, grits, ham, and 1/2 a bagel with a protein juice. I was nervous, but real excited. We get there and there are several sponsors. I get my tag and my timing chip. I had a monster energy drink and looked up at the building I was going to climb to the top of... ?? I could feel a bit of a shake in my knees. I had chatted with a few ladies in the line who were like me first time climbers and relative non athletes. I must confess I was a bit relieved to know that I wasn't the only one who was a virgin climber. The first climbers went up at 10:00am. I began my ascent at approximately 10:30am. I had my iPod charged and ready to go. I began my climb jamming to BOOTYLICIOUS.

I got a fast start... maybe a lil too fast cause I was exhausted by the time I got to the 8th floor. But I gathered myself, caught my breath, and got back to my climb. With every step I was more and more physically exhausted but emotionally...mentally I was on fire. It was like my confidence was climbing as a kept getting closer & closer to the top. At some point I realized i wanted to document my climb & I started to take a few pics with my camera phone.

I wasn't sure how long my climb was taking. But I felt like it was going at a decent rate. There were times I could feel my heart beating in my chest and times when my thighs were burning. BUt I kept at it. I didnt quit. I didnt give it.

I finished with a time of 19 minutes and 17 seconds...

This is the begining of a fitter, healthier Stormy. Watch out world.
More pics can be found at here.


  1. Great job! I'm pooped after 4 flights!

  2. Amazing! Congratulations! I can't even imagine how hard that was.


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