Getting back in track...

Sometimes it feels like I am always trying to get back on track with my weight loss, my housework, my life. But I am starting to accept that I am a work in progress. I can't expect perfection but that is unattainable. I also have to find new and improved ways of making my life work better for me. I know that I will falter, but I am ok with that.

I made a schedule for myself for the week. I want to maximize my waking hours and get more done in my day. I have to be careful to not make this a document that binds me, but instead make it one that frees me. Frees me to be my best self.

Here is what my Tuesday should look like...
6am wii fit
7am every1 up
8am b-fast 1egg, .5bagel, 2ham, .5 oatmeal
9am c25k**
weight training
12pm Lunch- Salad&Soup
3pm Slimfast
430pm 3outside time
5pm Cook dinner
Frd Fish
6pm Field Trip Mtg

Biggest Loser

100 calorie bite

Good night


  1. I enjoyed this post, I like the statement about making a document that frees you and not binds you. I wanted to say too that I appreciated your comment to my last crazy posting, I was kinda outta control. :-$ I'm starting my day with a list that frees me, whether I get one thing or all of them accomplished, I'm at least going to start doing things that are healthy for me. Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. I'm a bit envious at times at someone like you who can plan out a day and not waste so much time as I.

    I can blame the artist in me, but I really loathe the rigidity of a schedule. The rebel in me wants to buck the system. maybe I'm just not really a linear thinker being an artist.

    Still, I've been eyeing the idea of creating a food plan that I have several simple options for ach meal and might eat at regular intervals. I'm thinking it might ease my mind as I get that rush of "hungry" to know that the next meal is just X amount of time away. And my choices to plug into that meal doesn't bind me too tight to only be able to eat X, but X, Y, or Z.

    after all, eating random letters is just the foolsfitness way!- Alan


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