Late posting-weigh in

Here are my stats for the past week...

* Weight: 217# up 1.2 lbs
* 5 # of days i worked out
* 260 minutes total worked out
* 4 # days I drank enough water
* 0 # days I logged my food


  1. I gained 5 pounds really fast and then lost them just as fast. Its frustrating but possible. Keep it up...eventually the good overthrows the bad! :)

  2. I am trying to not be hard on myself, but still realize that I did it 2 msef and that only I can fix how i eat.

  3. I think logging my food is something I should try.

    One, portions are too big.
    Two, I hink I eat stuff I don't think about.
    Three, If I hit my food with a log it will make it more tender and tasty.

    Seriously, The plus in weight might make you a bit disapointed. It might be a slip in caloric intake... but everyones weight shifts even over the course of one day. If you just ate, if you just went to the bathroom, if you change your clothes, if you retain some water or are dehydrated in the previous weigh.

    foolsfitness is all about putting the blame of higher scale numbers to changes in humidity. After all they call it high pressure right? -Alan


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