Are You Mentally Ready?

One of the things I love about blogging is reading other peoples blogs. I ran, no pun intended, into a blog N Her Shoes and was lurking as I sometimes do. I read her blog about preparing for a marathon. Her words resonated to me and my struggle to lose weight. There are some many similarities that I thought it was worth adding how her words touched/inspired me. the actual blog title was Are You Mentally Ready? Her statements are in blue. My thoughts/remarks are in brown.

Start out slow
Take it slow. I know if I keep my pace steady at the beginning my body will thank me in the end. I got this down. I am not trying to lose like 7 lbs a week. I would like 2-3 lbs a week to feel like I am at a reasonable place.

Run my own race. Don't be worried if I see a lot of people passing me. Something I have struggled with in other marathons is thinking I wasn’t going fast enough,because of the folks that were speeding by me! I have to remember, they may be starting out way too fast, so I’ll catch them later at my own pace! When i read other peoples blogs and start to feel down like I am not doing enough..or everyone will reach their before me. I have to do this at my ow pace because everyones race for healthy living is personal.

Don't get too emotional. Try to stay as calm as possible for the first 10 miles. I will need to conserve my mental energy for the ENTIRE race! This is crucial because it is important to work through this all thinking clearly.

Break up the race. Start breaking up the race into smaller segments. It will make the distance and feel more manageable. When I pass the half marathon mark I only have one more half to go, and at the 20 miler mark I could say just a 10k and I am done! OK... I am not so great at this, but I am going to rethink how to break down my weight loss. I have 60-65 lbs to lose. Everyone breaks down their weight loss differenlty. I am unsure whether 10 lbs is reasonable or percentages are better. Any ideas..?

Stay mentally tough. A runners mental toughness will really start to be tested during these miles. I need not to give into periods of self-doubt and discomfort. I need to remember all the training that I have done and have faith in it. I need to constantly think about how hard I have worked and how rewarding it will be to complete the race. Look forward and not behind.I am not the some of my mistakes I am the results of my choices good and bad, but I can, will, and have gotten through worse and I can do this.

Beat boredom. Do whatever it takes to keep my mind occupied: I can sing songs, play mental games, count people, talk to other runners(I am hoping to run along side Meghann).This translates into switching things up and staying dynamic in what I do in terms if exercise, food, etc. I am not one who can do the smae thing in and out everyday.

Think outside my body. These are the miles I feel the most pain! I know will certainly feel tired. I need to let my mind take over from my body and try to focus on the outside -- the spectators, the other runners, the scenery. This healthy living is more than m body. It mental. Its about changing how I see my food choices, my exercise choice, and how I can really improve my life. It is about honoring what I have been blessed with.

Set small milestones. I need to break up the course, mile by mile. Start counting down the miles and the minutes.Every pounds coounts and losing it shoild be honored. I do not wanna take this weight loss for granted. I also know that even when the weight is all off I wil still need to be at the gym and doing the things that will keep me healthy. Because being healthy & living a better quality of life is what this is all about.

Talk to myself. At this point in the race, I need to dig down deep for extra strength. Reminding myself what I have sacrificed( sleep, social time) to get to this point!! I use my blog for all my talking. I also try to talk to my hubby, but he kinda gets it. He tries to understand but since his metabolism is in overdrive its hard for him to get where I am coming from.

Becoming healthy is like running a marathon ---- i need 2 pace myself. I can't expect to just wake up and be healthy one day. I have to take deliberate actions daily...weekly....monthly.... towards a healthy, long, fit, fun life.

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