Can you keep a secret?

I have some things I wanna get off my chest.... but only read on if you can keep a secret.

Secret #1

I wanna wear shorts. I just wanted to get that off my chest. It is messed up because when i was a normal size there were so many things that I took for granted and didn't even pay attention to. Like buying clothes at a normal store without any issues. Can't wait 4 those days either. But I was just thinking how I can't wait to wear shorts without embarassment. I am going to mow the yard with my oldest son and wish I had shorts. Maybe I can find some long biking shorts especially good to go running in. My thighs are so big but they are shrinking. . . . slowly.

Secret #2
I mowed the lawn today. OK not all of it..but a nice chunk of it. Whats the big deal you ask? My hubby doesn't want me mowing the lawn. So why did i do it? Well.. I need the exercise especially when (1) I am so close to 210#s and (2) i wanted to prove to him i could and (3) I didn't want him to miss out on working on his Chevelle this weekend. And reason (4) my 21mo old is sick and I probably will be skipping the gym 2morrow. I felt so strong and fit mowing the yard. I know it sounds silly but its true. I can only imagine how great i'll feel with 60lbs off my body. I sure wish it came off faster. Oh well... check out my yard. Looks great doesn't it?

Secret #3

I am addicted 2 sweets. I am so serious. I think about them so much its a shame. I am smart 2 not have any in the house. Its like an alcoholic having beers in the fridge. Its gotta be safe here, but i tell you its hard. I spotted an Easter bunny on the fridge this afternoon .So....I waited til my 18yo son was taking a shower and I ate his head. Stop laughing. Ok you can laugh cuz its funny..a little sad, but also very funny.

Secret #4
I'm too fat for Wendy's and I think I had divine intervention today. I was thinking about getting junk food as I was packing up the kids and the their stroller. Then as I go to lift the stroller up to go in the back of the truck. And the unthinkable occurs. I pinch some of my belly fat in the double stroller. OUCH! That shit really hurt. I figured it was divine intervention. Or a big fat reality check. Like maybe I should avoid fast food if my tummy is so big that it can get pinched by a stroller. Its ok if you laugh... I did.

Thats my confession for today, what secrets are you keeping? You can tell me... I'm a good listener.


  1. lol...your post made me laugh today...eat that bunny! I too long to wear shorts...it has been over 10 years...but it will come...it will come my friend.
    PS. What an amazing house you have!!!! Lucky you!

  2. Please stop by and grab the 4 awards from my blog.

  3. I am so addicted to sweets to!! I so relate to your blog!!


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