Crappy Gift - Nothing vs something

Ok let me begin by saying that I know this is off topic, but I was dying to get this off my chest. I know this is something that lotsa people can relate to.

Ever gotten a thoughtless, crappy gift? I mean one that wasn't your style, your size, or even something you can even really use? I have on several occasions. I somewhat expect them from my kids because they are young and their taste is usually to buy me something that they would like. But lately these crappy gifts seem to come from my mom. Ok you can stop laughing already. This year I got what i consider two crap gifts. The first was one of the most thoughtless annd useess of the two. What you ask... It is this stupid desk calendar. Why it is stupid you ask?
1-I am like Ms. Tech Gadget Gal. I hate using paper. I keep all my appoints and stuff like that in my phone, my smartphone matter of fact. I have been like that for years. 2- It overtly implies that I need some tips & tricks to run my house better. Ok maybe I could improve in the housework department but thats not the point. 3-It is thoughtless overall because it is so generic. It could come from anyone and be given to any wwoman with kids. That is why this gift is crap. Because it was sale on some shelf and required no thought to give. 4- And i have to keep up with this POS all year cause she's gonna look for it when she comes to visit. Lucking effing me.
I would rather get no gift than one which you cared so little in choosing for me. When holidays roll around I ask my mom what she wants and i get t for her. This year it was Chanel no.5 cologne. Niuce, huh...? And i got this crappy calendar. What are your thoughts? Be honest. Then i can share more abuout some other crappy gifts I have received. LOL.

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  1. LMAO. Is that wrong? The first line is killing me. One time a friend bought me a black outfit with pink stripes...going across the outfit. No way would I ever wear that! I think you should tell your mom how you feel about the calendar. Or maybe you could make some inappropriate markings like...May 9th, burn calendar.


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