Everyday is a new beginning...

I am going to weigh myself every morning and post it her for the rest of the month. I thought about waiting til Monday...waiting til I started back working out...waiting for the 1st of next month, but no i am going to do it today. My weight, my health, my life is not a game. I am stepping up and facing my weight. My weight is really just a portion of a bigger issue I see in myself and it is a combo of laziness and procrastination. I have gotten too comfortable in this body and the status quo that is my life.

Things I need to get done

  • SBA paperwork
  • call oral surgeon about stitches
  • call music place about daughter violin-1015am
  • put away 1 loads of laundry
  • scan 5 pages of my journals
  • apply for some jobs
  • straighten bedroom closet (again)

My day...
showered, weighed (218.4#), straightened bathroom, worked on blog.
closet straighten, 2 items put up on my.freecycle.org, bedroom picked up & vacuumed, got daughter off to school, put away some bab clothes, dressed kids
breakfast(sorta), tv time, move junk from upstairs to downstairs, feed dog
cleaned bathroom, picked up living room

lunch, nap, tv, laundry put away, freshened up my look(finally got outt my PJs)

My food:
800am mac n cheese 1.5 cups
1130am salad with chicken & dressing
1215pm fat free pudding
330pm 4 cookies
715pm footlong ham sub
930pm cookie dough ice cream


  1. You have nice feet, damn you! LOL

    I like this entry though! I love seeing the list of things you have to do :) A different style, love it, and think of it like this! "Only 19 more pounds to go!" That doesnt seem so bad :)

  2. I just love that you ate mac and cheese for breakfast. I'd eat it for every meal if I could!


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