Feeling and looking like crap

Its ironic I struggle to manage the food that I eat and here I sit with a swollen face and throat unable to eat anything other than soup, ice cream, scrambled eggs... Yummy. The pain is making it hard to sleep so here I sit...watching a TIVo'd episode of As the World Turns, drinking chicken noodle soup, and adoring my daughter as she plays with her feet. My hubby and sons are sleeping like babies. I need to workout, but I know that I can't. I just wanted to vent. I will write more later.


  1. You asked how I knew I still had a deficit... I have the Body Bugg thing. It measures how many calories you burn, and you enter in your foods- so you can watch how your balance is going during the day. I doubted it at first, but I lose because I am able to monitor what I am doing. You wear it on your arm all the time and download the info off of it during the day. It is accurate. My goal is to burn 3300 and eat 1800 which puts me at -1500 daily. I have lost exactly three pounds each of the two weeks I have had it. The reality of the numbers has allowed me to calm down, and focus on my goals. The mystery of how many calories is gone. Anyway. They are an investment. So far... worth it for me.

  2. Stormy I feel your pain and your sleepless nights.. Dental work is nothing nice. I just had major mouth surgery and for 6 weeks I was on soft foods three weeks before the surgery. After the surgery I was on straight liquids for 2 weeks and soft for 1 week. I just started back eating and find myself falling off the wagon with diet and exercise.. Not to mention trying to move and pack. I have been eating on the fly.. I am hoping by Mother's Day to get back on track..

    You can do it girl... Your my inspiration to get right and get moving...!!

    Andrea C. Graham Farro

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm super excited about the running program! I hope that you feel better soon. I had my wisdom teeth taken out April 2, and it was hellish! The memories are still too fresh!


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