Fresh fruits & veggies....

I got a fresh start to the day. I got up and did some things around the house. My plan was the go to the gym and then to the farmers market. I picked up some major fresh fruits and veggies...

3 grapefruit $1
3 oranges $1
6 apples $2
3 plums $1
1 pint strawberries $2
6 bananas $1
9 mangos $6
3 cucumbers $1
3 red bell peppers $1
4 green bell peppers $1
3lb bag white onions $2
1 head iceberg lettuce $1
2 head romaine lettuce $2
8 plum tomatoes $1
3 zucchini $1
1lb green beans $1
2.5 dozen eggs $3
3 ears white corn $1

Eating fressh fruit & veggies=PRICELESS ...
Just wanted 2 share the pic.


  1. All that produce looks delicious! I'm so jealous at the price you paid for red bell peppers! I had to pay $4.99/lb for mine!

  2. I'm dying here living on the East coast where we have literally like 2 months of fairly priced fresh produce! I got a new juice machine and cannot wait to be able to afford the fruits to put in it to try!!!!!! LOL

    I'm envious!

  3. OH my. I'm an East Coast girl, and I almost cried at the price that you paid. I feel like I may have to fork over my rent if I want fresh fruit around here.


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