Friday Weigh In

Weight: 214.8# OMG !Im so happy. I am down 2.4#.
Days worked out 2

So I guess the wisdom teeth thing helped me more than I realized. I have had to eat slower and get fuller slower. I definitely need to eat slower from now on.

Exercise: C25k training

730am 2eggs with cheese and an onion bagel
1215 steak, rice pilaf, broccoli, caesar salad, diet soda
630 salad and 100 cal snack
715 shaken bake chicken thigh, green beans, mashed potatoes

Things i got done
cleared junk on bottom of stairs
straighten family room, living room
kitchen swept
laundry started
separated meats 4 dinner

Monicology -
Answers to question posed. I didn't really have much to write about & her questions were great.

Do you ever wonder what would change about you if you were thinner or at your goal weight? I weighed my goal weight back in 2002 -03 & it was awesome. I had ate right and exercised to lose 70 lbs. I was confident.
Do you think you'd be the same or way different? I think I would be relatively the same. I would be generally happier because I was in a a unhealthy relationship. I thought losing the weight would make him be faithful. I learned it didn't matter.
How would you dress? I would dress for comfort...just in smaller clothes. It is going to be awesome to be able to shop in regular stores.
Would you still associate with the same people? Yea sure. I think I would probably have some new friends...healthy, fit, exercising type people.
How would you act? I hope I would still be a good person with a positive attitude. I imagine I would be more confident. Maybe walk taller. Look at myself in the mirror more.

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