Weigh in 215.2# done
Breakfast at 630am done. Sent hubby off to work and son to airport to go on his mini-summer vacation before his summer classes start.

I was too tired yesterday to really address some things. First let me thank Ex-Hot Girl for awarding me an inspiration award. It made my smile from ear to ear. I can't explain to people who don't blog how awesome the blogger community is. I get so much support here. It is like I want to be doing my best because I know I've got such wonderful people in my corner. One of my biggest struggles in trying to lose weight was feeling all alone. Now I know I am not alone & its feels great. ....

I was posed with the responsibility of giving this button to people who inspire me to get my booty in gear.

Finding my radiance- She is maintaining a 110lb weight loss and training for a triathlon. 'Nuff said.

The Anti-Jared- He has lost over 200lbs and still feels the drive to keep at it. HIs posts are direct and to the point, but that is why I enjoy reading his blog. Its like tough love.

Then there's Monica at Confessions of a +Size Girl who keeps me honest and listens to me rant and makes feel like I am ok and that I can do anything I set my mind to.

I could list more but I have so much stuff to do around the house. My day started out kinda crappy as my 2o month old decided to wake up at 130am and not go back to sleep until like 3am. So I spent my morning struggling to stay awake. I caught up on the lost sleep from 1045a-130pm. But I woke up in pain form my stupid wisdom teeth extraction. I have been slacking on taking the ibuprofen and I was paying for it until like 430pm. I dread eating (which should be a good thing). I should have been taking this medicine called medrol for swelling but I haven't been to walgreens and I am getting frustrated. Oh well...this too shall pass. My daughter has a program for her school tonight so I decided to use that as my excuse to not cook dinner. LOL.

I have been thinking alot lately about body image. I remember being a teenager and thinking that was heavy and not cute.Looking back I was so distorted in my image of myself. Junior prom- this little black dress was so sexy...if i don't say so myself.

ROTC Summer camp- I was totally invincible. Yes that is me way up there. I wanna feel that invincible now. I have carried, given birth to, and am raising four kids. I have survived a turbelent childhood and a marriage that would have broke a lesser woman. This weight is my final frontier.

I know I can do this. I just have 2 keep my eye on the prize and do what needs to be done.


  1. Thank you so much for the award! I am so flattered, but really - you are doing all the work! Keep it up!

  2. Wow, thanks for the reward but I completely love even more how you finished this entry! You can so do this, love :)

  3. Good luck! My BFF and I are struggling to lose weight also. Feel free to stop by our blog (www.thetoofatties.blogspot.com) although sadly it's not that inspirational b/c we can't seem too lose any weight.

  4. Thank you for leaving the sweet comment on my blog. Drop by anytime. Good luck on your weight lost journey, you can do it. I just reached my goal. It's hard work but in the end it is all worth every drop of sweat.

  5. hey thanks for stopping by my blog. we all have something in our lives, no one is perfect, if its not weight, its a marriage, or an addiction, family struggles, unemployment, etc. youre not alone and you can truly do anything you set your mind to..

  6. Ugh! I totally get what you're saying about the distorted body image. You don't love what you already have and then you make it worse. Oy.
    Well, you're on track now! Keep working!


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