Longest run & Weigh in

* Weight: 212.8# ---no change----
* 4 # of days i worked out (2 days short)
* 140 minutes total worked out (not enough dang it)
Cardio: 125min Weight training: 15minutes
* 5 # days I drank enough water
* 0 # days I logged my food

I ran my longest stint ever. 20 minutes straight. I am officially done with week 5 of the c25k program. I am so proud of myself . Today I hope to get the following things done.

  • Appointment with dental surgeon
  • Job interview
  • Lunch at pizza place
  • Ton of laundry
  • Maybe grocery shopping
  • Clean out fridge
  • Go through office paperwork
  • Fax financial aid stuff 4 son
  • Complete SBA form
Items in red are incomplete. Items in green are the ones I have done.


  1. 20 minutes of running-you're phenomenal!!!! What an awesome accomplishment :)
    Good luck on the rest of your to do list.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog a little while back. I've kind of fallen behind in my blog world because I've been side-tracked with a new site I joined, SparkPeople. I really like the C25K program too. Congrats on getting past the half-way point!


  3. congrats on reaching goals! Can i link your site to mine?


  4. Good for you. I hate running but I like the way it shapes my legs so I do it. But 20 minutes is a lot! Keep it up.


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