Mellow Monday

It was a quiet day at the house. I didnt make it to the gym for personal reasons... I forgot I had a teleconference dealing with my ex (ugh). So I was the happy hosewife. I put away laundry, straighten the kids room, cooked an awesome dinner, etc. So it was a low key but productive day. I still have the playroom to clean. It is a major mess, but oh well.

I am too tired to blog but lemme post my C25K info. My neighboorhood has 2 many hills & I am beat. My mind is full of all of this great stuff to say , but im 2 tired to type it. Hopefully I will get 2 it 2 morrow.

Date: 05/11/09
Location: Neighborhood
Walking pace n/a
Running pace n/a
Total Time 32:08
Total Distance 2. 15 miles
Pace 14:55 / mi
Calories 350


  1. Youre insane and I mean that in the nicest way possible! Ive been bike riding and my left leg hurts very badly! I dont know how youre running but kudos, darlin :)

  2. I love that little info box you have! Let's both do it 1 lb and mile at a time!! ;p

  3. Hi Stormy. I love following your posts. You're funny. Hang in there.


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