I am behind... on my C25k runs that is. I didn't exercise at all this weekend. This is becoming a terrible habit that I need to break. It makes it really hard to get back to it at the gym when I take 3 days off from any physical activity.

Here is my exercise/workout plan for the week...
Monday -treadmill run/walk c25k- week3 CARDIO ONLY
Tuesday- treadmill run/walk-->c25k- week4 Upper Body Weight Training
Wednesday-treadmill run/walk-->c25k- week4
Thursday-Stationary bike/Swim after Lower Body Weight Training
Friday- treadmill run/walk-->c25k- week4 CARDIO ONLY
Saturday-outdoor run/walk-->c25k- week4 CARDIO ONLY

I am also changing my first 5k race. My original plan was to run in the Army Hooah on June 13th. I will by no means be ready. So I found another race 2 weeks later. So now my first 5k will be the 2nd Annual Atlanta HBCUAA 5K Run/Walk and it takes place on June 27th. So I have approximately 40 days to get my ass in gear and in shape. I am excited and nervous about it all.

Oh before i forget... I finally took pics. Not a big difference...but soon it will be.

I was feeling like my curves made/make me look smaller than 215lbs. My boobs look huge in this pic. I so need 2 get a sports bra or two. I also need to get new bras when I am done breastfeeding. I hate seeing my boobs hang too low. LOL. Of the three views.. I hatethe side the most because my stomach looks so big to me & I was holding it in.

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  1. Your curves are hot!!! Honestly! As for the boob situation lol..I have to double up on sports bras...it really does make a difference. Regular bras hold me back when I'm exercising. You should def invest in some...they will push you even harder coz they won't make you as self conscious...well at least thats how I feel. No bouncing of any kind...lol.


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