Weight:216.2 whatever. I'm just glad my official weigh in day was yesterday.

Woke up feeling kinda crappppy & blah. I had joined a running group on meetup.com so I could 'change my peer group'. I went to bed late and woke up 2 afraid to go. I was feeling unprepared and embarassed to even try to go for a run like that. I woke up in a funk and the day was up and down.

Had breakfast with hubby. He went them to help his brother move. I took a 3 hr nap. Woke up hungry and moody. Then we had some family time playing with the kids. Hubby had cooked dinner while my daughter and went for a walk.

Week 02 Day 05 Date: 05/09/09
  • Location: Neighborhood
  • Total Time 27:03
  • Total Distance 1. 23 miles
  • Pace 21:56 / mi
  • Calories 200
When I returned from my walk, hubby put son 2 bed. Then he proceeded 2 get dressed and left 2 go hang out with his brother. Yes...his brothers place. i have blogged about this before so I will keep it brief. We argued (again). What is so difficult about setting boundaries. i understand that he needs guy time but damn every weekend is ridiculous. If i sound like a broke record, I apologize. I just needed 2 get it off my chest.

9ooam steak tips, scrambled eggs, 2 pancakes
330pm orange chicken rice
63opm orange chicken with rice
1145pm banana
1215am 1 pint of cookies and cream ice cream
1230am pepsi

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  1. I hope that you are feeling better. You got out and walked which is great. I had to walk today too. I'm also do the C25K, but I'm not being as disciplined as I should be.


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