Thursdays thoughts

Weight 214.2.#

I'm excited and nervous cause I haven't had a downward trend in awhile. I have been working out and my snacking has definitely improved.
I worked out at the gym today. I had a serious lower body workout. I got a trainer about once a week. The upside is that I get a kick butt routine at least once a week. The downside is that at my gym you can't always be guaranteed the same trainer. I have worked out twice with M and he is good. I told him I wanted a serious leg workout that didn't involve the machines. In my mind, I can do the machine stuff myself. I want some exercises that work multiple muscle groups. He only did 3 exercises with me but that was enough. I felt like I was on Biggest Loser because by my 3 exercise I was ready to pass out or throw up. Crazy, huh. I wouldn't mind sticking with him but he is moving to training at night only. Ugh. He said next week he will recommend me a trainer who is similar to him because I did a training session with A. She was alright but she just took me through a workout on the machines & well crap I can do that myself. So i didn't request her again. Oh well.

I added this pic cause I thought I was looking really cute in my exercise outfit that my daughter got me.

I am curious about my weigh in 2morrow. I really wish I had more control of my eating. I found a website that help me calculate how many points I should be taking in. According to it I should take in 39 points. I get the xtra 10 because I am nursing my 5mo old. Those of you out there who do WW is there any thing I need to know beyond my 39 daily points? I haven't done weight watchers in several years.

Maybe WW could give me the structure I need. I know I am not overeating like I usually would but I am still not eating as well as I would like. It makes me feel like I will not get this weight off. I am so tired of not liking what I see in the mirror. I tried to get those low calorie snacks. Talk about an effing rip off. The box they look normal but check them out. Could they be much smaller. What a load of crap.

I am slow to post this because my mind is a little bit of everywhere. My oldest son just finished up his freshman year in college. He got his grades for this semester. He got a 4.0. I am so proud. He has always been a very smart young man. It is awesome to see him really apply himself. It is like all of my blood, sweat, and tears were worth it. I pray that this continues and my other children do as well as he is doing. He has been through the most of my kids & is resilient as they come.

I've been rambling, but I hope you get the gist.

Someone tweeted this quote and I am totally feeling it.
Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem.-Henry Kissinger

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  1. * I was fallowing the wrong blog!! hehe. But I love the other one also.

    You're doing great. I think WW is a good program; I've never been, but I've done a lot of research on it, and it seems like it works for a lot of people. It's better than NutraSystem and Jenny Craig, because you eat your own food. With the others, you'll never learn portion control.

    As far as points go- I dont know a lot about them... but I think you get 10pts to use during the week on any day...like a 'bonus'. And you get activity points as well.


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