Weigh in -:-)

212.8# down another pound. It is only a pound but I will take it . Especially when I only worked out 2 times in my week. So, I have removed all junk food out of the house....except for the damn chocolate bunny. Added lots fruits and veggies to my kitchen cupboard. Now I gotta get back to busting it out at the gym. I think I can really see an improvement in my numbers if I get my workout regimen back on track.

* Weight: 212.8# down 1lb
* 2 # of days i worked out
* 90 minutes total worked out
* 4 # days I drank enough water
* 0 # days I logged my food

Anyway... no time to chat it up as I am heading to the gym as we speak .


  1. It's one pound you'll never have to see again. Good job!

  2. Congratulations on the loss! I'm pretty sure you've done better this week than I have (but I don't weigh until tomorrow)!

  3. You are doing a great job! Those lbs just keep melting off you dont they! You are making it happen at the gym and with your food and water consumption. Dont you feel good? I would if I were you.. Proud of you girl!


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