What I'm Doing Wrong

I have been reading lotsa blogs of people who have lost significant amounts weight. I decided to be real with myself and face up to what i'm doing wrong. It's like Dr. Phil says..."You can't change what you don't acknowledge."

  • i don't count my calories
  • i don't log my food
  • i watch too much tv when i could be up and moving
  • i keep 2 many snacks in the house
  • i need to eat cleaner
I am going to get a handle on this. I am tired o everydat being my do-over. I deserve better for myself.


  1. Im on the same page as you! I am not having near as much activity as I could be having! So Im off to write a list of motivations for me to carry with me at all times and all this other wonderful stuff!

    We can do it, dammit :)

  2. You can do it. You don't have to change everything at once, you can take small steps so it isn't overwhelming. It's not a race to the finish, but a journey that will teach you a lot of things about yourself, so take the time to listen and learn and you will be successful!

  3. Admitting it is the first step...I'm right there with you!


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