Wonderful Wednesday

Weigh in this a.m. was fine. 216.6. I made it the gym after dropping my oldest daughter off at school. I made her stay home and clean her dirty room. I love her but she is such a little piglet. The workout was really good. I am on week2 day 3. I originally thought I would need to do another week of week 2 but I feel like if I do one more run I should be ok with starting with week 3 of my c25k program. I had overdid it the last time by trying to run at like 5.0 which was totally stupid on my part. I do not know what made me think I was ready to be running that fast... but whatever. So for now when I am on the treadmill my walking speed is 2.5mph and my running is 4.0. BTW- i need a jogging bra. I always use the treadmill in the corners of the gym becuse my big knockers are everywhere . And the only sports bra I have is like 3 sizes too small. For real... I end up with double spillage when I wear it. Sad but true.

After the gym, I came home and ended up take some super cute pictures of my youngest daughter. She is growing up way too fast. That special time together really made my day. I know I may be going back 2 work soon so little moments with my two youngest are really precious. I wish I had be afforded this luxury with my first two children.
730 2eggs with cheese 3 slices turkey bacon
1100 fried chcn sald from zaxbys with poppy seed dressing
145 1 cup cookie dough ice
230 1 can Pepsi
630 steak, rice, green beans
1 cup cookie dough ice


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