Dieting sucks... but Blog Friends ROCK!

I woke up this a.m. to see only a 1lbs loss. I was so upset. I did so many things right this week. I have avoided junk food, been watching my portions, stopped late night snacking, drnking lotsa water, and damnit I am exckusively breastfeeding my 6 month old. The effing weight should be falling off of me. But it isn't. 1 damn pound. I know it is better than nothing but when you work so hard it feels like nothing. I was starting to feel in control of my eating and really proud of myelf. I ws getting peopke telling me that they see the differece in my face and it felt great. I literally cried this morning. It was so disappointing.

But I have to wipe my tears and keep trucking along. I cannot stay this size. I want to love my body again. Ok...maybe not love but like my body a whole lot. So I will see where the next week takes me. i am supposed to run my last run for week6. I will repoirt on that later.

On a lighter, more pleasant note. Robbie over at A Spiritual Connection gave me and 7 other an award. She has a great blog and is very supportive. The award came at the ideal moment for me. There are no acccidents. Now i get the pleasure of passing this award one to 8 people whose blog-kin-friendship make blogging wonderful. Please check them out for yourself.

  1. Monica @ Confessions of a + Sized Girl
  2. Kate @ Kate is Losing It
  3. Sapphire @ Resplendent Life
  4. Tiffany @ From 12 to 6
  5. Jennifer Brindley @ Ex Hot Girl
  6. Ebony @ Project Hot Mommy
  7. Sammy Sue @ Samantha's Saga
  8. Cindee @ Mak'n Changes
Oh well... the day is calling. I am going to figure this out & turn it around.


  1. Oh, Stormy, Thank you so much for the award. It's good to know when people are there for you. You're doing great with your lifestyle change. And just remember that if you lose it the healthy way, slow and steady, you will keep it off. I'm proud of your 1 pound!! You've got this lady!

  2. I left you something on my blog.

  3. OMG! Thanks for the love! I will put it on my page very soon!
    I just wanted to tell you, sometimes when we dont lose lbs, we are losing inches. The first time I plateaued I was soooooo frustrated cause I was kicken arsh in the gym and staying in calorie, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the hellishkys was going on. Until I discovered I was shrinking even though I wasn't losing. So be encouraged my friend, weight loss is quite confusing but If you keep doing what you know you're supposed to be doing, that weight will come off and so will the inches.

  4. Awww, thank you so much. I have been a truly crappy blogger lately, but... yeah. I swear I'll do better soon! :)

  5. Thanks for the award! Totally made my day that you thought of me with this award.

    Don't fret the 1 pound loss. I know it can be discouraging when you work your butt off, but you'll get a bigger loss soon and it'll even everything out. Just keep plugging along. The results WILL come.

  6. Stormy, I am so right there with you. I posted about my disappointment in this area on my other blog, so I know exactly how you feel.
    On another, happier note, thank you so much for bestowing my very first bloggy award on me! You are a super, duper blog friend and an inspiration!!!!


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