Every day..

....is a chance for a new start. And 2morrow I start fresh and I have plans to do what I can to make my life better. I have also decided to include my daughter. She and I are going to work together to lose weight. We are going to count calories and exercise 2gthr. So I will have an interesting dynamic to my posts.

Any who.... what do I want to get done tomorrow...? Good question. Some stuff I already had on my list from last week and a bunch of new stuff. :-)
  1. weigh in--211.8 43.3%body fat
  2. workout--60minutes
  3. laundry
  4. schedule interview with Montclair
  5. make kids lunch
  6. contact UWF about program form
  7. scan bank statements
  8. mail bank statements
  9. dinner
  10. office paperwork
  11. read other peoples blogs & comment


  1. I need to see more 'green' on this list ma'am!!!

  2. A fresh start is a great feeling! You can do it! I myself am starting fresh today too. Best of luck to you!!

  3. Ain't nothing like a do over, I always say.


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