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It has been over a week since my stepkids have gotten here. And I am real thankful for how it has been so far. There hasn't been any arguing or fighting. Maybe its because I'm not pregnant. I have steady hormones. I survived yesterday without any sweets. I was so proud of myself. In the real world people do not get how major it is to not grab a candy bar when you are at walmart. I was with my daughter and i talked myself out of it.

I completed my 2nd week 6 run. It was rough but I finished. I am trying to really make the most of this month and see how it pays off.

I weigh in 2morrow. I think I should be down. I tried to be super good about my eating. I even went and spent 30 minutes in the sauna and swam 5 laps in the pool. I got out of the pool and felt dizzy. I am falling asleep as I type I may turn in early. I am supposed to do my day 3 run on Friday. I am excited and a bit nervous about it at the same time. I am not sure whether I wanna do it at the gym or outside.  I guess it depends on the weather, what time I get up, how i feel... We shall see.. I need to learn what I should be eating before a run. I think that would helkp me alot also. I gotta go and catch up on blogs. 

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  1. There are those days where the run just is harder than others. Who knows why! Good luck with WI!


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