Weigh in whoas

Ok its my weigh in day. I did get on the scale but do not feel like talking about the outcome. I am not surprised. I am disappointed in myself. I want to be consistent in my diet & exercise. I deserve to be a success story but no one can do it for me. I am not stopping or giving up on my self. This is just a setup. I am officially going to face my demons and do what I do not want to do. What is that you ask? I am going to track what I eat. I need to do it because I need to face up to what I am eating.. and why I eat when I do.

Here is what I want to get done today....
  1. upload Lamar's pics
  2. contact UWF about program form
  3. drop off kids
  4. scan bank statements
  5. mail bank statements
  6. look for a job
  7. send pics 2 walgreens 4 nonni
  8. send pics 2 walgreens 4 lamar
  9. laundry
  10. pick up kids
  11. dinner
  12. workout
There are some items that have been on my list all week, but I have done other stuff that is not listed here. Like i got my fathers day shopping for my hubby done yesterday. So I am a lil productive.

Oh yea.. I am still sore. I could barely walk yesterday. It sucked. I have to speak with my new tainer. I haven't been running andmy 5k is this weekend. I will get through iut but not as strong as I had hoped. So what did I weigh...?

214.4# 42.3% body fat.
up almost 3lbs. I am sure that weight is combo of my eating, lack of exercise, and some water retention from the sore legs.

I will do better.

820 210c bagel
1000a 160c cereal ( 370c)


  1. You will do better, and you can can do better!
    I wish you nothing but the best!

    I need to get on the healthy food bandwagon.
    Good luck to you Stormy!

  2. Don't let it get you down too much. In my journey towards losing 150 pounds there were a lot of ups and downs, but over time I was successful and have kept it off. You can do it!!

  3. Stormy,

    Hello. How are you? Yes, you are being too hard on yourself! You have a goal, a trainer, a diet, etc. That is what anyone would want. Please be flexible and know you are doing good. Also, please remember that the scale is not your friend, but only a long distance advisor. Take care and keep up the good work! It will happen.

    Chocolat Bunni


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