1. an act of satisfying; fulfillment; gratification.
2. the state of being satisfied; contentment.
3. the cause or means of being satisfied.
4. confident acceptance of something as satisfactory, dependable, true, etc.
(taken from http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/satisfaction)

I have been thinking about this word all day. Like what does it mean to really be satisfied. I sometimes feel in my own life I am never quite satisfied with anything or anyone. What does that really say about me? I do not, though, see myself as a perfectionist. Because I am far from complusive about things being perfect. I feel like everything in its normal state is just less than.

Maybe that is why I have yet to really reach my full potential where my weight loss is concerned because I feel that I , like everything else in my world, am less than. So why bother. The irony, in my opinion is that most people who know me would see me as an optimist. I guess I see myself as a realist.

I gotta ponder this further.


  1. I, also am a realist my friend. As a realist you should realize that
    1. No one knows you better than yourself (other than your best friend)
    2. In order to lose weight- you have to follow the simple procedure of more output than input.

    As a realist, you KNOW these things...so...do something about it!!! You're doing well, just keep at it hard!

  2. You should also realize you are your own worst critic and enemy. And most of the time my non-constrictive criticism is my downfall. Don't let your negative thinking be your downfall too. Easier said then done, but keep it positive my friend.


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