Still sore

I saw my trainer on Tuesday for a leg workout and I am still super sore. I didn't even sleep well because I couldn't straighten out my legs. So I am going to work out tonight since I am supposed to weigh in tomorrow. My weight was up 2lbs. I think this is due to my muscles being sore and too much salt. Or I could just be in denial. :-)

I hope to get stuff done around the house so I can feel good about the weekend.

  1. upload Lamar's pics
  2. request UWF send transcript--gotta wait til I get my debit card (dang it)
  3. contact UWF about program form
  4. drop off kids
  5. scan bank statements
  6. mail bank statements
  7. look for a job
  8. send pics 2 walgreens 4 nonni
  9. send pics 2 walgreens 4 lamar
  10. pick up kids
  11. laundry

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