to do 4 Tuesday

here is what I have planned

  1. drop off kids
  2. gym with trainer
  3. get ink for printer
  4. request UWF send transcript--gotta wait til I get my debit card dang it
  5. contact UWF about program form
  6. more laundry
  7. apply for jobs
  8. make contact sheet 4 job hunt
  9. dinner
  10. pick up kids
  11. upload Lamars pics
  12. get missing groceries
I woke up in a good mood, even though I was and am still sleepy. My day today is going well. I am feeling really focused on finding the right job for me. I also need 2 count my blessings. The kids seem to be enjoying vacation bible school. I am relishing in having time to myself.


  1. Yep, time to oneself is precious. How do you find working with a trainer?

  2. I liked my trainer this time. He seems really cool and focused on helping my trim down. I only see him once a week.


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