What to do Wednesday

I am up and moving. In a good mood and trying to get my day in focus. I didn't weigh in this a.m. because I went and had my breajfast then remembered I wanted to weigh in.

Here is my breakdown

Here is what I ate yesterday Tue 06/23/09

  • 8am bagel with 1/2 tbsp cream cheese 250
  • 1pm ham sub 700 (950)
  • 630pm burgr no bun and fries 400 (1350)
  • 930pm teddy grahma cookie 100 (1460)

My exericse consisted of:

  • a total of 30 minutes on the stationary bike
  • a total of 15minutes of running & walking on the treadmill
  • a total of 15 minutes on the stepper

My to do list....

  1. workout --45minutes
  2. laundry
  3. contact UWF about program form
  4. dinner
  5. office paperwork
  6. read other peoples blogs & comment
  7. count my calories
  8. straighten bedroom
  9. look for job
  10. do something with/about my hair
  11. pay bills
  12. drop off girls
  13. pick up girls

My interview is rescheduled to 8am on Friday. I am nervous and excited. I want to be really prepared. I am going to review my notes and be totally ready. I am believing for this job. I am out for now. I have so much 2 do as you can see and it is already 10:20am.


  1. good luck with your interview~

  2. Good luck on your interview! I hope u get it:)


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