Challenge & Accountability

I have been slacking lately. I need some weight loss friends who can work with me and help me while I try to help them. I was doing well when i was 'training' for the 5k. But the 5k is done and I have been feeling blah.

My family is so so in the helpful department. I wanna be competitive. Maybe I am looking for excuses as to why I haven't been doing what I know I should.

I hate how I can be my own worst enemy.

So what is the plan????

I stop effing around with myself and make the rest of this month work for me.

  • Daily Wii Fit in the a.m.
  • Cardio at the gym minimum 30 minutes everyday
  • Drink over 100 oz of water.
  • Take my vitamins daily.
  • Weigh every a.m.
Yes I know food isn't on there. I wanna be successful before I add the stuff stuff. So what I am looking for is a few good, daily blog checkers. A person or better yet people to keep me honest and check my daily blog and my google spreadsheet.

Are you game...? If so email me at stormyvawn yahoo com.



  1. Stormy, I'm trying again to post on your blog - I hope it works this time. I think your plan is a good one, especially if you feel like it's better to focus on certain areas first. I'll check in on your progress, and just wanted to encourage you in your journey!

  2. You can do this! Small changes are really helpful. Sometimes changing everything at once is what leads people to give up. Establish one good habit, then work on another and another and you will have changed your whole life.

  3. You know I'm always down. I check you out every morning [minus the weekends]. My email goes straight to my BB, so I'll email you so you have me!

  4. I check on you! you can do it!


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