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hey there...

how are you doin? did u workout this week? hows your eating?

oh me...i am doing ok. just busy with life. life for me right now consists of 1st job hunting, then everything else. in the last 2 months i have only gotten 2 interviews. i am not losing hope just trying 2 b more diligent & creative in my follow up. i tell you i will never take having a job for granted. i just thought i'd mail out a few resumes, get a few interviews, and in no time have job offers thrown at me. so many i'd be turning them down. boy was i mistaken.

anywho... i'll write more when i have another hand free.


  1. It's rough right now with so many people looking for employment. Employers can't possibly go through half the resumes they receive. In some places over 1000 people are lining up for two or three jobs. It's tough out there. Unfortunately, in this economic climate, employers aren't just looking for the best qualified. They want people who will work CHEAP. If they can hire someone younger and inexperienced at a lower pay rate than someone degreed and experienced, they will... bottom line.

    In any case you can't win if you don't play, so I'm hoping for all the best for you in your search.

  2. awwww - cute pic! I hope you find something soon!


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