Goal Jeans... beware

I got these really cute size 14 jeans on sale at Walmart. I thought to myself. Size 18s are loose sorta on me. So what the heck. . . . I might as well get them and make them my "Goal jeans". Ok... here is what the jeans look like hanging up.
So my weight is the lowest its been since I started this journey. I have been feeling real good about my progress. SO i figure I will try them on. AND take pics so we can see how far I have to go and how far I have come. Be warned this is not pretty. If you have recently eaten ... do not look any further...

goal jeans

OK OK... You can stop laughing at any time. I will fit in these jeans before I turn 38. That is in Nov 2009. I think that is a reasonable goal. Maybe each month I should try these on again.

What do you think...?


  1. I think trying them on monthly for motivation is a great idea. I usually try things on weekly to see if I've made any progress that the scale isn't telling me about.

  2. Funny! I swear I took very similar pictures with some clothes just recently, only I haven't been brave enough to post. I'm planning on trying them on at the end of the month and hopefully I will be able to tell a big difference.

    :o) I think its a GREAT idea.


  3. I love your pictures so real!! It makes me feel not alone Thank you:) I think we have the same body shape. We can do this together:) keep it up you are doing awesome!!

  4. I have a goal skirt, dress, leather jacket, shirt. LOL. You can and will do it! You gave me a great idea. I think I'll take some pics of myself in my goal clothes. GREAT IDEA!

  5. Ah my dear Stormy!

    I love your confidence in taking these photos. Looky here- you WILL be in those jeans long before your birthday! Oh, and girlfriend...Spanx will be your friend. I love the damn things. I have a wide ass as well, and it kind of just leaves everything a little tighter.


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