Being a stay at home mom is challenging. Not physically demanding, but mentally & emotionally straining and draining. The routine if it can be freeing or sometimes fell like a trap. Like today... I do not feel like cooking. I am an okay cook. Trust me no one in my house is starving. They are all well fed. There are just too many people to feed. I have 4 kids plus 2 step kids in the house. plus me and hubby. So 6 ppl to feed. Its like being a chef. Ugh.

Plus the older kids do not appreciate anything so it like doing for ungrateful people. yes I am in a funk. I will work thru this.

I still need 2 figure out what to whip up for dinner. I hope it doesn't suck too much. Oh well....

BTW- yes I am looking forward to summer being over & school starting up.


  1. Well, your kids will appreciate one day that you stayed home with them. Its ok to be in a rut, you sound like you have a lot going on in your life, just hang in there :)

  2. KUDOS to SAHM. This is my first year teaching and my first summer off. OMG, I feel like I'm either cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, cooking, cooking, cleaning, and napping. The other day I was like...I'm not doing anything today and I laid around. My kids are older so they can fend for themselves. Being a SAHM is a fool time job!

  3. Being a SAHM is sometimes hard, but I do love it! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog - you are doing great! I like your "unDesperate Housewife" description too.


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