Lost but soon to be found

My internet has been shaky and my desire to post has been shaky also. But I am getting out of my funk. My weight has stayed about the same so that is good. I have been on 5 more interviews. I was feeling really good about them. One principal even told me she would recommend me for the position. I was so excited. The next day that district froze all hiring. So for now I am waiting for the call for work. I am a bit bummed because teacher planning starts Monday. I really wanted to start with the rest of the teachers, but it doesn't seem to be in cards for me yet.

Some one sent me a text that read " A delay is not a denial." I am keeping that in my head. I will be back on track.


  1. AH, I'm sorry to hear the job front isn't going so well.

    Things will look up for you soon. I'll say a prayer.

  2. Hi Stormy -- I was just catching up on my blog reading and wanted to tell you that I see you as a very goal-oriented and determined person who sometimes can be hard on herself!

    You deserve a lot of credit for all you are trying to do at once! Losing weight isn't easy, especially in stressful times, but you are still managing to plug along and keep it going.

    Someone soon will recognize how valuable you would be to have as a staff member and scoop you up. Keep the faith!


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