To do Tuesday

II really thought I was getting stuff done. I was mistaken.

This is yesterdays leftover list.
I have got 2 be better today. Focus. Focus. Focus. (said in a chanting voice)
  1. finish all laundry
  2. balance bills
  3. workout
  4. job hunt
  5. clean kitchen floor
  6. work on my 101 in 1001 list
  7. catch up on OPB
Well another day that did not work out as planned. I did squeeze in a 45 min workout. But I spent 3 hours of my afternoon getting my stepson registered for high school. What a pain in the behind. I did, however, get a job lead that I am praying for.


  1. Good job on squeezing in the workout:) every little bit helps! Good luck with getting the job!!!

  2. I will pray for that j-o-b to work out for you as well!!

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